If only I could be the spark
For my friends to effect change
In their hearts to light from dark
I would be the happiest man on earth
By the virtue of the reward in exchange
Of what I had brought.

If only I could be the spark
Through which ALLAH would recognize me
As one of His ‘ibadu r-Rahman
And as a mujahid and ad-Da’ie
I would be content
Cause then all that I would have spent
Be it my person or the possessions I accrue
Would be nothing that would cause strife
But would rather be of much value
To me later in the afterlife.

If only I could be the spark
That lights the fire of the Islamic spirit
In the students that I teach
That each may overcome their limit
So that all might extend their reach
To those who may need
From jahiliyyah to be freed.
I would feel
That the world would be mine
As such virtue is better
Than the whole world and all its matter.

If only I could be the spark…

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