Mencari pasangan itu adakala tidak mudah...

Girls, Achievements and Guys

Mencari pasangan itu adakala tidak mudah...source

Mencari pasangan itu adakala tidak mudah...

Feelings of unworthiness are part of a self-esteem problem. It doesn’t just stem from a difference in academic excellence, but it goes all around.

Guys tie self-esteem to achievements. That’s just how male psyche works. If they have no other achievement besides academics, then it is very hard to not feel inferior to a wife candidate who does better.

Therefore men should excel in more ways than one. This is why people with greater Islamic understanding tend to not be so choosy about their wives. It’s because they have the achievement of Islamic knowledge as some to be proud of.

Of course, we then come to another problem. (more…)

Taklimat Temasya Sukan

Ustaz Ezaidin sedang memberi taklimat

Sukan SMIH tahun 2012 akan berlangsung pada 28 Januari 2012 di Stadium Larkin.

Para peserta sudah bersemangat untuk memuncakkan usaha demi meraih johan. Mereka bertungkus lumus untuk berlatih demi memastikan kejayaan rumah sukan masing-masing.

Kita lihat siapa yang akan meraih kehormatan tertinggi sukan pada tahun ini. Ayuh! Meriahkan sukan SMIH 2012.

The Therapy of Writing


Write, write, write it out... Flush that idea out and out.

Writing is a therapy. It is a way of expressing oneself and a way to improve your language.

Out of the four language skills, writing is the hardest. So, people who write a lot tend to be able to speak a lot better. They can also understand a lot more. They would also be able to articulate their feelings more accurately.

I find that my ability to write has been in decline ever since my final year at university. I guess the stress of having to produce good academic writing at the time got to me.

It was also the time when I was preparing for marriage. It seems that marriage also gives a good outlet for emotions that writing what I feel on my blog doesn’t have a tang anymore.

Or maybe it was really the time that it takes to come up with a good article that makes writing unfittable in my new working life.

Another possible reason is Facebook. That sneaky little web-app that allows us to express ourselves instantaneously and get feedback instantaneously. It kills blogs! It kills the motivation to write long, in-depth articles in favor of short, curt messages in the category of, “In the toilet now, bawling my head off over that ***’ mistake.” Full stop!

Whatever the reason actually is, my blog(s), have not really been seriously updated for three years! And since I am now in the business of language, it would be very apt that I start to write again. At least this blog will be a good whetstone for me to sharpen my language.

* written on my Wildfire, at the breakfast stall.

(Pic from here)

Expensive Food


Food is getting more and more expensive nowadays. A simple lunch in the area that i work in costs between RM6-8. Breakfast once cost at the most RM2, now it’s usually between RM3-4. Dinner for two would usually exceed RM10.

Eat In, Eat Out



The classic Nasi Goreng Kampung... Delicious once in a while, but bland to eat everyday.

I just went to Econsave today, after a long while of not shopping and just eating out.

The thing about always eating out is that pretty soon you run out of choices and variety. Anywhere you go in Malaysia, the food choices are the same at most of the common restaurants. It always falls back to the generic tom yum and “goreng-goreng.” Which after a while, you get bored of.

A question that has been playing in my mind is why is there not much more variety?

I would love to see arab food become more common in Malaysia. Especially the kebabs and the shawarmas.

Or maybe mexican food. The recipes I have seen online makes my mouth water, although i have not yet tasted any.

Heck, even simple Malay dishes (bar the goreng-goreng stuff) are welcome!

My tastebuds have cried so much for a difference that my recently I have taken a liking (more like a love a affair) to Koobideh Kebab of Parsia in Taman U.

So… what about it people? Anyone wants to open a restaurant with a difference?

Don’t forget. Invite me for dinner!

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This is a test post.

Mus’ab dah besar!


Mus'ab dan Mikrofon

Hahaha! Cuba teka dia dapat perangai suka pegang mikrofon tu dari sape? Hahaha!

"Mus'ab pun nak simpan duit jugak!"

Tetiba je budak ni nak bubuh duit dalam tabung. Terkejut bapak dia. Sekali mak dia yang ajar. Adeih! Pandai betul budak kecik nih… Haha!

Sujud Syukur

Selamat Kembali Buat Saya

Sujud Syukur

Alhamdu LILLAH

Alhamdu LILLAH. Syukur kita panjatkan pada ALLAH yang Maha Esa, Maha Kuasa, Maha Memberi Rezeki. Kepada-Nya kita berharap, kepada-Nya kit abakal kembali. Semoga Dia sentiasa melimpahkan rahmat-Nya kepada kita dan semoga Dia sentiasa meredhai kita.

ALLAHU akbar! Akhirnya saya telah kembali ber-blog!

Tagged. Tag. Tagging. Tagger.


Because Zakri tagged me and I just realised!

SATU. Senaraikan 10 perkara ttg org yg tag kamu

  • Fun.
  • Unconventional.
  • Drives an Iswara, and sometimes a Mercedes.
  • One of the few people I can unleash wit and expressions with.
  • Oh yeah, come to think of it, one of the few people that have many common fields to me.
  • His daughter was born in the same year as my son.
  • He’s 3 years my senior but acts not like so. This is a complement.
  • Someone to kick shins and calves with. Yeah. True.
  • Takes photography as a hobby, never mind the cost. Haha!
  • Makes very unconventional expressions out of the window of his car whenever I pass. Hahahaha!

Take that, Zak!!

DUA. Tuliskan novel kegemaran kamu

Oh, this is hard… There’s so many. So I’ll list them in category:

  1. Fantasy: Either The Wheel Of Time series (Robert Jordan)  or Lord Of The Rings (JRR Tolkien). Shame Jordan died before finishing the last book. Condolences.
  2. Romance (yeah, I read romance. So what?): Ayat-ayat Cinta (Habiburahman El-Shirazy) by far!
  3. Thriller: The Bourne Series (Robert Ludlum). Waaaaay better than the films.
  4. Mystery: Holmes books are nice (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). Yeah. Classic I know. It’s a bit harder to determine my favourite in this genre as I don’t read much of it.
  5. Science Fiction: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force. I also like Asimov’s Foundation series. Tells a tale of the ability to read mass psychology (called the science of psychohistory) and politics.

TIGA. Listkan 5 bende yang kamu sayang (bukan org)

  • My computer stuff.
  • My software.
  • My phone.
  • My car.

EMPAT. Who I want to tag

Anyone at all who reads this! Macamlah I have so many readers…

SMIH… won?!


Apparently my previous school won the IIUM Debate thingy… Wow!

This was something no foreseeable during my time.

More here and here.

You can also read the formal SMIH updates here.

[updated:30/4/2009 – 12:16 pm]

Here and here are some more sories on the IIUM Debating Championship.

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