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The Therapy of Writing


Write, write, write it out... Flush that idea out and out.

Writing is a therapy. It is a way of expressing oneself and a way to improve your language.

Out of the four language skills, writing is the hardest. So, people who write a lot tend to be able to speak a lot better. They can also understand a lot more. They would also be able to articulate their feelings more accurately.

I find that my ability to write has been in decline ever since my final year at university. I guess the stress of having to produce good academic writing at the time got to me.

It was also the time when I was preparing for marriage. It seems that marriage also gives a good outlet for emotions that writing what I feel on my blog doesn’t have a tang anymore.

Or maybe it was really the time that it takes to come up with a good article that makes writing unfittable in my new working life.

Another possible reason is Facebook. That sneaky little web-app that allows us to express ourselves instantaneously and get feedback instantaneously. It kills blogs! It kills the motivation to write long, in-depth articles in favor of short, curt messages in the category of, “In the toilet now, bawling my head off over that ***’ mistake.” Full stop!

Whatever the reason actually is, my blog(s), have not really been seriously updated for three years! And since I am now in the business of language, it would be very apt that I start to write again. At least this blog will be a good whetstone for me to sharpen my language.

* written on my Wildfire, at the breakfast stall.

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Wow. It’s been a loooong time.


Over half a year since the last time I had a fit to write an entry! My God! It has been a long time!

Sujud Syukur

Selamat Kembali Buat Saya

Sujud Syukur

Alhamdu LILLAH

Alhamdu LILLAH. Syukur kita panjatkan pada ALLAH yang Maha Esa, Maha Kuasa, Maha Memberi Rezeki. Kepada-Nya kita berharap, kepada-Nya kit abakal kembali. Semoga Dia sentiasa melimpahkan rahmat-Nya kepada kita dan semoga Dia sentiasa meredhai kita.

ALLAHU akbar! Akhirnya saya telah kembali ber-blog!

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