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Expensive Food


Food is getting more and more expensive nowadays. A simple lunch in the area that i work in costs between RM6-8. Breakfast once cost at the most RM2, now it’s usually between RM3-4. Dinner for two would usually exceed RM10.

Eat In, Eat Out



The classic Nasi Goreng Kampung... Delicious once in a while, but bland to eat everyday.

I just went to Econsave today, after a long while of not shopping and just eating out.

The thing about always eating out is that pretty soon you run out of choices and variety. Anywhere you go in Malaysia, the food choices are the same at most of the common restaurants. It always falls back to the generic tom yum and “goreng-goreng.” Which after a while, you get bored of.

A question that has been playing in my mind is why is there not much more variety?

I would love to see arab food become more common in Malaysia. Especially the kebabs and the shawarmas.

Or maybe mexican food. The recipes I have seen online makes my mouth water, although i have not yet tasted any.

Heck, even simple Malay dishes (bar the goreng-goreng stuff) are welcome!

My tastebuds have cried so much for a difference that my recently I have taken a liking (more like a love a affair) to Koobideh Kebab of Parsia in Taman U.

So… what about it people? Anyone wants to open a restaurant with a difference?

Don’t forget. Invite me for dinner!

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