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KBM SMK Bintulu


“Hargailah pemberian sesiapa sahaja walaupun sekelumit…” ujar Pak Long, menggalakkan anak-anak buah KBM kami untuk tampil ke hadapan berkongsi kisah.

“Saya memohon maaf sekiranya saya berkasar…” ucap seorang pelajar Kasih SMK Bintulu ini dengan penuh rasa insaf dan berharap dimaaf.

“Di sini saya ingin meminta maaf, kalau saya ada terkasar bahasa.” Pengerusi PPI SMK Bintulu.

Itulah antara beberapa patah kata yang diucapkan peserta baru beberapa ketika yang lalu.

Kami kini sedang mengendali slot In-Team KBM untuk adik-daik yang begitu kami kasihi dan sayangi. Begitu sekali kami memujuk dan merayu mereka untuk berkongsi. Betapa mengawal dan memujuk manusia ini merupakan satu kemahiran tersendiri.



Wokay… It took me some time to actually begin writing this. Though I feel it’s rather because of mood rather than time.

Anyhow, here’s my take on the KBM program. With pics! Heheh. Enjoy.


So… What the heck do the three letter abbreviations mean? KBM stands for “Keindahan BersamaMu”, which is supposed to mean something along the lines of “the beauty of being with you (Islam/fellow Muslims/God)”.

KI means Kelab Iqra’. Period.

UTM means (although you probably already know) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. One of the premier government Universities in Malaysia.

The finally we have TIV, which means Tiram Indah Village. Although I’ll have to say that to say the place is “Indah” is very subjective. Speaking literally, it’s NOT beautiful. It is however a good place for training. We also have good rapport with the owner of the place. Thus the choice of place. Oh yeah, the food there is nice! Heheh.

Wokay. That’s over with the backgrounds. (I know, you don’t really wanna hear me babbling about definitions right?)

This time around the KBM event was for the latest additions to Kelab Iqra’ members list.

This put some questions in our minds. For instance, will the new students be able to accept our methods for ice-breaking? Or will they see it as something abominable?



Meniti Angin Malam 2 (MAM2), I was supposed to be in charge of MAM 2 of the KBM at Saina (Sek Men Sains Pokok Sena). But, I was disappointed.

I was disappointed with what?

It must be with -first- myself. For assuming that all KBMs are the same. For assuming the formats are all the same.

So I was handling this MAM, where almost all the facilitators knew not what to do. I gave a short briefing, stressing on important roles, and planning to improvise as we go.

I thought that the flow was the was as Johor’s. So I took it all along through the activity as though it was all the same as Johor’s.

But, with such an assumption, perfection was doomed. It never crossed my mind that they do things differently here.

So when it came to the climax, suddenly many things went out of my calculations. The first being that there were no computerised Malaikat Dialogue. The second, that they say “pukul” after saying “maa rabbuka“. And again, they only saymaa rabbuka“. No shouting it for effect. Then came the whackers. They whacked at totally unwanted times. Way off timing.

Good lord. My rhythm got messed up in ONE small second. The moment he said, “pukul!

Ahaha! Ahaha! Crazy huh? Yeah… I bet most of you don’t understand anyway what I’m talking about. so I’ll take summarize in a general manner about what I was ticked about.

The gist of it:

  1. I had to direct an activity slot
  2. I knew what to do; some of my helpers do but most don’t
  3. I delegated tasks, with explicit instructions, also assuming those who do know, also has the same picture in their minds
  4. The problem; they didn’t have the same picture in their mind of what is to happen
  5. Conclusion; everything went wrong there on forth and climaxed during the activity climax
  6. My improvisations? Couldn’t catch up… There were too many mistakes at one time than I could safely repair

Yeah. I sucked right? I knew it. That’s what I get for assuming.

Sherlock Holmes:

Assumptions are dangerous

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