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5G – Gerak Gempur Gazza Gazza Gazza


When 27 December 2008 arrived, we were shocked by the atrocities that happened to people of Gaza. 

What shocked us even more was the fact that much, though not all, western media was distorted and very one-sided in presenting the situation in Gaza. They made it seem like they were attacking “terrorists” when the ones who were actually hit by most of their strikes were primarily civilians. 

In response to this blatant abuse and violation of humanity,  we launched the 5G* effort in Johor. An effort purposed towards encouraging  solidarity between Malaysians, especially Muslim Malaysians, and the people of Gaza. 

5G is a sudden explosion of talks and speeches on Gaza aimed at delivering the actual facts of the current situation in Gaza and its background and collecting as much funds as possible to help what we can in Gaza. 

Even so, such an effort is not even barely enough for the sufferings the people of Gaza had to go through. In the end, the best we can all do is make du’a to ALLAH that He alleviate the sufferings of our brothers and sisters over there and that He help the mujahideen to win our country of Palestine back.


The statistics so far (5G)

Total locations gone: 125

Confirmed locations to go: 12

Speakers: 35

Laa Tahzan


Yes. Laa tahzan. Allah is with you.

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