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They wash away sins. They lead you to reflect memories and lessons learnt in life.

Cry… For the sake of ALLAH.

Cry… For His forgiveness.

Cry… That your heart may not die.

Cry… So you may have have peace.

Cry.. For fear of ALLAH’s retribution for your deeds.

Cry… To hope for ALLAH’s Ridha.

Cry… For the benefits received from The Benefactor.

Cry… In thanks for life, and the chance given in it.

Cry… That you may remember that life is short.

Cry… That you may be reminded of the afterlife.

Cry… When you listen to the Qur’an.

Cry… For the Beauty of The Qur’an and its Bestower.

Cry… For you have no other place of solace BUT HIM.




Let those tears fall that replace burns in Hell.

Let those tears fall for hope of Paradise.

Sickness and Hardship


Today I am sick. I got some sort of flu. My nose was and still is runny. My head feels like it wants to split (at least during driving). And my throat… Very sore.

Yet as i come to think about it. I remembered that “no ails or sickness befalls a muslim that does not erase his sins”. I came to hope for this sickness to erase my sins. I came to pray to Allah for my progress into health.

Yet as good as I may seem at this time, I must admit… There have also been times when i could not bear my pain. Times when I have questioned. Times when my faith waned. As such that I complain, and I whine. I question, “why??”

No. It is not easy to keep up faith. It is not easy to maintain the highest level of iman. I guess many of us Muslims goes through this fluctuation each moment of their lives. Yet in the end, it comes down to whether or not we are able to regrasp our beliefs, and turn back the negative admonitions on our faith. Those who succeed, find solace and peace. But those who fail, find greater grief and unsettlement.

It is for such times that the Muslim must pray. So that Allah grants us the strength to maintain our faith, when we are at a low. So that Allah keeps our hearts true on the path to Him. So that our sincererity… Is ALWAYS pure.

At such times of strife, it always does good for us to return to the Qur’an. Is it not in Surah al-Insyirah that ALLAH promises relief after hardship? It goes something like:

Verily, with every difficulty there is relief. – (Qur’an al-Insyirah:6)

So… Let us pray so that Allah gives us peace and His blessings always. Whether in times of strife or in times of peace.

Allahumma, grant us strength that comes from our faith in you. Leave us not to our devices even in the blink of an eye, or even less time than that. Give us peace in times of hardship, and let us be grateful to you in times of wellbeing and peace. O Lord, verily, You are The Listener, and The Seer and You are The Oft-Forgiving and The Merciful. Amiin.

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