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Aside 2


Aside 2?

Surface Technology – Literally


I for one… Would love to see us immersed in such technology. The depth of interaction would be such that learning would be simplified so much.

Celcom Blues – No Pun Intended


This past month I have been calling Celcom repeatedly due to problems on my broadband. It seems like they’ve been having problems with the network making such simple things as login into my gmail account, almost impossible. This gmail thing started somewhere around the 10th of this month, I think.

I was wondering if there were any problems relating to any of equipment (phone, computer, bluetooth dongle, bluetooth software, windows – maybe). So I search on the net just in case anyone blogged, or posted something related to this matter. Surprisingly, I got no useful answers to barely any that resembles the problem.

I called the to find out about this specific problem twice at least (yes, I did call them more times for other problems). Once, they told me that there was a ‘network disturbance’ lasting until the 20th (I called approximately on the 15th).

It still lasted beyond that. So I called again today, after getting frustrated waiting out the problem for two days. And they said that there are issues with big email services and uploading and it will persist until 12 midnight on 27th of March.

Darn. There goes my communication line until another 29.5 hours! IF, I repeat, IF it gets solved.

Hmm… Maybe I should redirect all my mail to another temporary account hosted on this domain of mine. I wonder…

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